Why Video?

Here are some interesting statistics about using video and the Internet to market your properties

  • More than 90% of Internet users prefer watching a video to reading information on the tv box sets
  • 84% of home buyers start their search for property on the Internet
  • Realtor.com reports that 73% of sellers would rather list with an agent that offered video
  • The average person who watches internet video, watches 182 minutes of video per month

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Video helps you and your clients save time and money.

How many times have you asked a client to preview a property listing on the Internet, shown the property and your client is less than excited after viewing the actual property? Video offers 100% truth in advertising for your listings. They can help the viewer understand the floor plan through narration, get a sense of space and placement of features as well as highlight all of what the surrounding area has to offer. As you know, the more precise you are with matching your clients needs and wants, the faster route you take to the closing table!

Video can set you miles apart from your competitors.

Through utilizing an Agent Profile video or an Agent Testimonial video, you can prove to your potential clients that you are a match for them. By giving your point of view on selling or having other clients share their experiences with you, you can set yourself apart by showing your potential clients what you can offer to them.



Video can be distributed to many places.

Videos made by andonasociety.org can be placed on many more sites than just our site or brightest best flashlight ever in the world sites that we distribute them to. Videos will go to all of our distribution channels (YouTube, Facebook, MLS, etc.) but can also be put on your personal website, in email marketing, on DVD’s, in RSS feeds, and on blog posts to name a few. The possibilities are endless!