Q:What is the Rental Process and How Does it Work?

A: It’s easy!

  1. You choose what kind of video you would like to create. (see internet tv box products and pricing)
  2. We receive your payment and request.
  3. We send you the super easy to use Flip Camera along with information on tips and tricks to make your filming fun.
  4. You film the footage and sound you would like in your video either together or separately.
  5. You send the Flip Camera back to us in a pre-paid mailer.
  6. We edit your footage, send you a link to preview your video and if approved we start the distributing it.

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Q: What if I want to keep the Flip Camera?

a: If you are interested in purchasing the camera and set top box, we ask that you please contact us: betsy@andonasociety.org or 763-242-9667

Q: What is the difference between a virtual tour and a video tour?

A: A virtual tour is made up of pictures that are molded together and pan a room. Most tours are just set to music and do not offer any commentary on the home. A ReloTv tour offers first person commentary about the home and are designed so you experience the home as if you were actually walking in the door. We also encourage participants to offer information in the video about the surrounding areas of the property.

Q: What kind of time commitment will I have to make to film a video?

A: Your time commitment really depends on the size of the home, what you want to highlight and what you want to say. For example, a home that is under 3000 square feet should be able to be filmed in about 30 minutes. A home that is 3000 to 6000 will take about an hour and anything bigger will continue to take longer.  Remember though, most people only want to watch video on the internet for 90-180 seconds.

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Q: Will the video be MLS compliant?

A: Yes, we will provide you with two videos. One that does not include branding for the MLS and another that directs a buyer to your information.

Q: Can I order DVD’s of my video?

A: Of course! For more information click here to view product and pricing.

Q: What websites will the video go on?

A: We will upload approved videos to ReloTV.com, YouTube, Facebook, Metacafe, Google Video, and Wellcomat.com. If you have a premium listing on Realtor.com we can add the video too.

Q: How could I utilize a community profile for my business?

A: If you are an professional that focuses your business in specific communities, a community profile can help demonstrate that you are the area’s top expert for what the community has to offer. They will show that you are knowledgeable, resourceful and savvy about your communities that you service.

Q: What is an agent profile and how could it benefit me?

A: An agent profile is a showcase of what you can offer to a potential client. Personality fit is a must in the Agent/Seller or Agent/Buyer relationship. Having a profile video on your own site helps people see your perspective on Real Estate and what you can offer them. Tagged video also helps your website tremedously in your SEO and Google ranking.  We will also distribute the profile video to our different channels which in turn will help with your web site’s search engine rankings.

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Q:If I have a video taken of a rental property, could I use it again to market the property in the future?

A: Yes! Once we are done editing the video, get approval from you and distribute it, all of the content is yours or your clients to use in the future.

Q: Can a video be filmed at night?

A: Yes, night shots can be incorporated into the video. We recommend that you film the majority of the property during the day for the best lighting.

Q: Can I Film a Video and Have You Put it Together?

A: Yes, if you already have a video camera that you would like to use, you can film it and we can edit it.  We do want to keep the quality of our videos at the highest level possible though.  If your camera does not have HD capabilities, we ask that you consider renting.

Q: What happens to a video once the property is sold or leased?

A: Once a property is sold or leased, click on the “sold” link located in the footer in the lower right-hand corner. Please submit the information on the form and we will take your video down.

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