About Us

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ReloTv is a website that has been created to give consumers a centralized location to search for video tour listings. If you are moving or thinking about moving and looking for an easy way to search and view properties, ReloTV.com is the source to use.  The site is also designed for Real Estate Agents, Apartment Managers, Land Lords, and commercial property owners to share their videos with consumers.  ReloTv is a name derived from Relocation (Relo) and TV coming from TV commercials. We look for video tours that are 2-4 minute commercials that feature a property differently than your standard virtual tour, photo montage or Internet listing.  We also provide Flip camera and zoomable focus adjustable tactical flashlight ultrafire cree t6 free test and editing services to create your very own custom HD video.

Mission: To bring residential, commercial and rental property to life!